It's A Lovely Day

It's A Lovely Day
Yes We Can!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fake Hair "It's mine's I paid for it"

Brothers, please come to the fore-front, our discussion for today is "Woman" and fake hair. Please do not misunderstand me, I have nothing against a good hair weave, it's the bad ones, we need to chat about. You meet your girl and the first thing that she yells out; I am a real Woman, nothing is fake or phony about me. But baby when you check out the sista's kitchen, roots are everywhere, a grass fire could start at any second and the part is so thick, you need a knife to separate it. I aint' hating, I am just putting it out there! Brothers, what is your say?  Does it matter to you or only her hair dresser knows for sure?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother In-law From Hell

I used to have a "Mother In Law From Hell" and she made life very miserable for me. There were just no pleasing this wicked witch from the south side.  I know there are many others still experiencing my "Past Nightmare" and we need to hear from you and how you deal and cope.  Holla at ur gIRL!

Dread Locks Brother's "Lvr Ur Hair "

My Dread lock brothers; your Hair is so "Beautiful" short, long, twisted it all looks gOOD. This hair style is so natural, free of chemicals and carefree while blowing in the wind. Flip it, whip it, throw it back, be creative and all of that. May the texture of your hair straight or curly, it does not matter to me; Twist it, tease it, just do it. If u want to give a "SHOUT OUT" to all of my Dread Lock Brothers: Holla at ur gIRL!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Does UR Feet or Ankles Swell; Help is on the Way....

 Well Help is on the way (if your not a Diabetic) Here are some suggestions that will help:

  • Purchase some Compression socks/stockings available at Walmart, Kaiser Pharmacy's (over the counter) Medical Stores (expensive) available for Woman or Man also look online
  • When sleeping at night; elevate your legs (using pillows) as high as possible, should be done each night
  • Walk as much as possible; this is recommended for Good Health In General 
  • Please note: Most Physicians will advice the water pill (taken daily) along with the above recommendations 
  • Remember; If you are a Diabetic (these suggestions does not apply to your present condition) you must seek advice from your Physician  
  • I am hoping this tidbit of information was helpful to all!